I was visiting McDonalds yesterday on the behalf a client and, as I was leaving with my host, the lift opened and a women entered – average height probably in her late thirties – my host exchanged the usual type of pleasantries with her, as you do in a lift, so I assumed that she was a colleague and mentally pitched her at middle-management level. When we exited the lift and were out of earshot, my host said proudly ‘that is our CEO, Catriona Noble.

Well, my Unconscious Bias was working overtime as always – you see, as much as I pride myself on the ‘women can do anything’ mantra and the need – no, the criticality of getting more women to the boardroom – I envision, unconsciously, a CEO as male, in their 50s and over 6ft tall!

So my apologies and my admiration, Catriona – I only hope that you mentor and encourage more women to the top, during your time at the top of the Golden Arches.

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