Assess Your HR Risk With Employee Metrics

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Warning: Your Business Could Be Exposed To Fines Of Up To $64k, And You Personally Could Be Exposed To Fines of $12,600!

Simply answer 12 key questions about your business and one of our HR Experts will present you with an
assessment and a report, so you can correct any breaches quickly. We’ll report on critical areas such as: How well you are meeting your OBLIGATIONS as an employer, the potential level of RISK you are currently exposed to and what this could COST.


Uncover Your HR Risk With Employee Metrics



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A personal message from our founder:

Hi I’m Natasha Hawker,

Today, I want to tell you about our super quick diagnostic tool called Employee Metrics Mini.

This powerful tool and the assessment that it provides could literally save your business from a fine of $64k and you, personally, from a fine of $12,600. Yes, that much!

Here is how.

Breaching the Fair Work Act legislation is easier than you think and we come across hundreds of clients that don’t even realise they have. Could you be one of them?

Unfortunately, ignorance is not a defence.

So how can you get caught?

1: An employee makes a complaint
2: Audit by industry

What are the most common breaches?

1: Unfair Dismissals
2: Non-compliance with Modern Award obligations - e.g. all employees should know where to access the Award, at work
3: Salary underpayments

How can you protect yourself and your business, particularly when you want to do the right thing?

This is why we developed Employee Metrics. It assesses your business for current levels of HR compliance, levels of risk (and putting a price on that risk), and where you are/are not following best practice. You will get an assessment and a report, so you can correct any breaches quickly.


Here’s a short video to show you the power of Employee Metrics:


Spaces are limited to the first 20 applicants only:

If you would like to test it out, here is a free trial of Employee Metrics Mini but, be quick, as we only have spots for the first 20 clients. Your assessment will be presented to you by one of our HR experts who can quickly point out the key areas to focus on.

Remember - your employees are your greatest asset but, potentially, also your greatest liability. So make sure that you reduce your exposure today.




Uncover Your HR Risk With Employee Metrics